This man sleep in bed with his dog, but dog suddenly did something unexpected

He ran as fast as he could towards the front door.  There was an old lady at the door with a rose flower in her hand and a lovely smile on her face.  And next to him stood Benny.

The four-legged friend jumped into his master’s arms. John was overjoyed and shouted to the woman, ” Where did you get it? ” 

The woman replied, ” didn’t get itbut …”




John could not understand anything and then the woman explained to him” Your dog was barking standing in front of my doorBecause live alonenever react to such thingsit is dangerous too. ”  Maybe. But then saw that he had rose flower in his mouthSo opened the door. Then saw on his collar that he lives hereso brought him back to you_,

John and the woman looked into each other ‘s eyes and realized at the same time what had happened.

It was Benny’s trick to get the woman into his master’s house because he could understand how lonely her master was.  And since the woman was also single, the four-legged friend wanted them to celebrate Christmas together.

Tears welled up from John’s eyes . But was the mission of this clever four-legged friend successfulRead about it on the last page!


Next year Christmas morning came again. This time Benny came running up the stairs to wake up his master. But why did he have to do this, if he always slept next to her?

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