This man sleep in bed with his dog, but dog suddenly did something unexpected

The poor old man could not understand anything. It was 7 o’clock on Christmas morning and Benny had no clue.

But as soon as John got up from his bed to change his clotheshe suddenly noticed something strange …


John saw that the small living room window was open and a vase of roses lying in front of him was lying on the ground.

Normally he would always close this window, but after watching TV, he suddenly fell asleep and forgot to close the window . The sad man thought, ” Benny must have gone out of here. ” 

John looked at the open window, nodding annoyed with himself. ” How can be so stupid! ” The old man almost cried out of despair.

But then suddenly the doorbell rang and he was shocked




John suddenly heard the doorbell. It was a ray of hope for this sad man. ” Perhaps it was the neighbour who would have found Benny in his yard. “

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