This man sleep in bed with his dog, but dog suddenly did something unexpected

John turned off the light and they both fell asleep. But when John woke up the next day he suddenly saw that Benny was not there 


Suddenly John’s sleep had disappeared .  After all, where did his four-legged friend go? It must have happened after a long time that Benny was not by his side in the morningThe old man did not understand what was going on with him  Was happening. He couldn’t even imagine where his best friend had suddenly disappeared .

He thought to himself, ” Benny can’t leave the bed all of suddenWhat must have happened to him after all? “

The owner quickly put on his bathrobe and then he ran downstairs.  He shouted around the house and asked, ” Bennywhere are you ! ?” But no clue of her dear friend … 


John sat down on the couch for a moment to recover from what had happened. _ He looked around and realized how deserted the house was without his faithful companion.  A number of possible scenarios came to his mind: ” Does Benny need to be with him anymore ? Didn’t want to spend time ?” or ” Did Benny run away from me because I‘m often depressed? “

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