This man sleep in bed with his dog, but dog suddenly did something unexpected

But he would soon realize that things were about to change soon. John sat down next to Benny, and then he himself put on a sheet. And soon they both fell asleep. But he was not to rest on this particular night. Because something else on Benny’s mind Was just running . He woke up suddenly and then he did something unexpected!

Benny had been loyal four-legged friend of his owner John (67) for the past five yearsBoth had become very close friends. Especially after the death of John’s wife, they became each other ‘s support. It was a sad period for this old man.

But luckily the dog made sure that John did not feel lonely in the house. And it meant a lot to John as well. Animals were the only thing that could bring a smile to his face. Benny and John were virtually inseparable.

Until that night … because that night everything was about to change … 

It was the day before Christmas and John had come on holiday with Benny.  The two always lived together. The owner loved spending time with his pet friend.  He had a very deep attachment to his four-legged friend The animal also felt the same way towards him.

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