What could your future smartphone look like in 2030?

It’s the end of the decade, and you’re seeing plenty of retrospectives rounding up the last 10 years of smartphones, and tech in general – but what about the future, and the tech advances it might bring? How could smartphones change in the next 10 years? We’ve looked at a few trends of the 2010s, and in particular 2019, and estimated at where these trends could go by the year 2030, looking at everything from foldable phones to USB ports and 6G.

We’re well aware that this analysis could end up being heavily wide of the mark – the smartphone could be gone in favor of a dozen wearable cameras all over the body by 2030 – so if you’re seeing this in 10 years time, we’re sorry. But smartphones will naturally evolve, and these are the routes that we think they’ll move down as consumers clamor for ever-more useful features to justify the spiralling outlay.

Foldable phones in the future


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